Galleries & Studios

Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation

The Anita Shapolsky Art Foundation’s Exhibition Center in Jim Thorpe PA is located at 20 West Broadway in a former Presbyterian Church which dates back to the 1840’s This unusual and dramatic building is the perfect setting to showcase the Foundation’s collection of Abstract art Beyond the collection the church.


ADDRESS: 20 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe

PHONE: 212-452-1094

Black Diamond Gallery

Located just 1/2 block past the Opera House, The Black Diamond Gallery features the work of printmaker Ron Chupp. Stone Lithography , Monotypes, Oils and other surprises await your visit.


ADDRESS: 31 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe

PHONE: 570-249-0814

Studio YNW

Nestled in the historic district of Jim Thorpe’s west end near the Old Jail Museum, Studio YNW offers an aesthetic experience in a variety of artistic mediums from paintings and drawings to photography, created by Yvonne Wright, a local artist. Studio YNW also offers a sampling of art-merchandise showcasing Yvonne’s work reproduced on art prints, greeting cards, notebooks, throw pillows, tote bags, etc., in conjunction with her online shops on and Society6.

ADDRESS: 100 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe

PHONE: 570-249-9650

HOURS: Thursday through Sunday from 11:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Stabin Museum

Red brick and stone facades, an underground aqueduct, an exposed rock wall at the base of the mountain all lend a distinct architectural ambiance to the Stabin Museum. Throughout its history, the building has been a place for innovation and fabrication and is now inhabited by a contemporary American artist often compared to Dr. Suess, Salvador Dali, and M.C. Escher. The building has become an extension of his creativity showing decades of Stabin's works.


ADDRESS: 268 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe

PHONE: 570-325-5588

HOURS: Friday: 5-10 Saturday: 12-10, Sunday 11-6

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