The annual Jim Thorpe Fall Foliage Festival has grown leaps and bounds over the last two decades. It has a loyal following that continues to grow as local organizations and businesses collaborate to bring in repeat visitors as well as fresh, new faces from all over the country and the world. To be a part of such an established, solid event is an extremely wise decision for any Jim Thorpe business. To invest in the success of this event, specifically, is a huge step in investing in your own small business. Everyone can contribute to and benefit from Fall Foliage Festival’s success.

Here's what you're really getting


  • Lifestyle Affiliations: Travel, Shoppers, Foodies, Outdoors, Family Focused, Pet Lovers, interest in Real Estate

  • 64% Female / 36% Male (women make most buying decisions for households)

  • From PA, NJ, NY, DC, MD (including the metro markets of Philadelphia and New York City)

  • The Poconos as a whole saw 279 million visitors in 2018

  • The Poconos saw more in-person visits (27 million) than an NFL or NBA game over a full season (22 million)

  • Total visitor spending in the Poconos was $3.3 billion (growth of 6.2% in spending over 2017)

    • $1,651 million in Lodging

    • $737 million in Food & Drinks

    • $604 million in Recreation

    • $512 million in Retail Shopping


The Jim Thorpe website gets over 1 million views per year with over 300K unique visitors. Our multiple email blasts are sent to a list of over 12,000 recipients. Jim Thorpe Facebook posts reach our 20,000+ followers over two FB pages for this event alone.


Jim Thorpe is at the top of several “Best Of” lists and is a premier destination for couples, outdoor enthusiasts, foodies, families, and art and music lovers. Pairing your business with Jim Thorpe’s already stellar reputation makes your own marketing a snap.  Becoming a sponsor automatically leads these visitors to your doorstep and builds a feeling of camaraderie and goodwill among local business owners.


Not only has Jim Thorpe exploded into this amazing tourist destination, as well as a coveted place to raise a family, it has become the focal point of the Poconos. Jim Thorpe is no longer the gateway people pass through to get to their destination further north - Jim Thorpe IS the destination. Visitation to the Poconos has averaged 2.5% growth each year for the past 5 years. This has resulted in an increase in visitor spending of 3.9%! Nearly half of that is spent on lodging, while recreation, dining and retail make up the majority of the other half.

BOOTH SPACE ($2,500+) - All spots have been allocated for 2019

Not only can you sell your items here, but you have the opportunity to reach even more visitors than your brick and mortar building. It’s a more personal way to interact with customers and potential customers. Use this opportunity to make a connection with more people and leave something of yours in their hands. You even have the opportunity to collect email addresses through a raffle or other fun method so you can continue to provide valuable information on your business even after the festival is over. This has been shown to increase sales over time.


All of these have a monetary value, but none greater than being able to participate in this community’s celebrations and attractions. Wearing and using the festival’s shirts, totes, hats, etc builds relationships among local establishments and continues to market Jim Thorpe’s businesses and events all year long. Kicking your heels up at our VIP Event and having a great time with other local business owners and visitors is great fun and helps make Jim Thorpe stronger.