Asa Packer Mansion

The Mansion was the home of philanthropist, railroad magnate, and founder of Lehigh University, Asa Packer.  Built in 1861, the home was constructed over a span of two years and cost a total of $14,000 dollars.  The home consists of 3 stories, 18 rooms and approximately 11,000 square feet of living space.


ADDRESS: Packer Hill Ave, Jim Thorpe PA 18229

PHONE: 570-325-3229

Hawk Mountain Sanctuary

The mission of Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association is to conserve birds of prey worldwide by providing leadership in raptor conservation science and education, and by maintaining Hawk Mountain Sanctuary as a model observation, research and education facility.

As the world's first refuge for birds of prey, Hawk Mountain Sanctuary has a dramatic history that started during the Great Depression with amateur ornithologist Richard Pough. In 1929, Pennsylvania's Game Commission placed a $5 price tag on the goshawk's head—a grand sum at the time. Two years later, while Pough was a recent college graduate living in Philadelphia, he became one of a growing number of conservationists opposed to the widespread movement to eradicate wildlife predators, including predatory birds.

Pough heard of the place locals called "Hawk Mountain" and decided to visit. There he saw gunners stationed, shooting hundreds of passing hawks for sport. He returned to gather the carcasses lying on the forest floor and take photographs. Pough's photographs were eventually seen by a New York conservation activist, Rosalie Edge.

In 1934, Mrs. Edge came to Hawk Mountain and leased 1,400 acres. She installed a warden on the property, a New England bird enthusiast named Maurice Broun, and Maurice's wife and bird conservation partner, Irma Broun. The shooting stopped immediately and the next year, Mrs. Edge opened the Sanctuary to the public as a place to see the beautiful but persecuted birds of prey. She purchased and deeded the 1,400 acres to Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Association, incorporated in 1938 as a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania.

ADDRESS -1700 Hawk Mountain Rd. Kempton, PA 19529

PHONE - 610.756.6961

Mauch Chunk Museum

The theme of the museum’s core exhibition is “The Story of Mauch Chunk”, which leads the visitors through the ages from the geological formation of coal in prehistoric times to the present. 


ADDRESS: 41 W Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA 18229

PHONE: 570-325-9190

No. 9 Coal & Mine Museum

Opened in 1855, No. 9 Coal Mine, located in Lansford, Pennsylvania is the world's oldest continuously operated anthracite coal mine! Closed in 1972, the mine was re-opened as a heritage tourism attraction in 2002. Today visitors ride safely by train 1600 feet into the mountainside, to see and experience first hand what it was like for our fathers and grandfathers to work underground over the past 200 years.


ADDRESS: 9 Dock Street, Lansford PA 18232

PHONE: 570-645-7074

Old Jail Museum

Join an escorted tour of the historic Old Jail’s hallways Cell 17 with its mysterious hand print on the wall the gallows on which seven accused coal miners known as Molly Maguires were hanged and the eerie dungeon solitary confinement cells Don’t forget to check out our great gift shop.


ADDRESS: 128 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe PA 18229

PHONE: 570-325-5259

The Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor

The Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor (D&L) is both a diverse, multi-faceted organization, and a multi-use trail spanning 165 miles from the mountains of northeast Pennsylvania through the Lehigh Valley and Bucks County.

We connect you to distinct experiences in nature, community and economic development, health and recreation, history, preservation, and education.

The D&L is a true public-private partnership. Passionate residents and volunteers work alongside local, regional, and national entities to conserve cultural and natural resources in the five-county region of eastern Pennsylvania. This is a nationally significant historic transportation route that traverses railroads, canals, rivers and trails.

Since 1988, when Congress established the Delaware & Lehigh National Heritage Corridor, we have worked diligently to preserve and revitalize historic places and landmark towns, conserve green space for public use, document and interpret our heritage, celebrate our community and region, and create partnerships and programs for long-term sustainability.


ADDRESS - 2750 Hugh Moore Park Road, Easton, PA 18042

PHONE -  610.923.3548

St. Mark's and St. John's Episcopal Church

Join us for worship, Sundays, at 8:00 and 9:30 a.m. plus the second Saturday of each month at 6:30 p.m. Contact the parish at 570-325-2241 for information regarding tours of this beautiful 19th century church.

ADDRESS: 21 Race Street, Jim Thorpe PA 18229

PHONE: 570-325-2241

Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway

The Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway primarily uses passenger coaches that were built as early as 1917. Most trains are diesel operated, but the railroad does use steam locomotive No. 425 on occasion. Regular season trains operate from the historic downtown Jim Thorpe Station May through December into the beautiful Lehigh Gorge State Park. Bike trains are a new option for people who want to view the entire Lehigh Gorge. 


ADDRESS: 1 Susquehanna St, Jim Thorpe

PHONE: 570-325-8485

Eckley Miners' Village

Eckley Miners’ Village educates the public about the story of anthracite coal mining along with patch towns and their residents through the preservation and exploration of the site and its collection. Eckley Miners’ Village is administered by the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission and is actively supported by the Eckley Miners’ Village Associates which is a non-profit community based organization. 


ADDRESS: 2 Eckley Back Road, Weatherly, PA 18255

PHONE: 570-636-2070

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