Jim Thorpe Selfie Spots!


Can you find all the Selfie Spots throughout the Historic District?


JTTA selfie updated.png

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Here's a few clues!

1.  Before you cross the river and walk in the woods, snap a picture!

2.  Located on a Hill named after one the most influential families in NEPA history you can find his next spot. Be sure to check out the architecture that inspired Disney and a Hollywood Classic.

3.  This spot sits in the center of town. Right in front of a "BIG" and shiny part of history responsible for the industry that build Ol' Mauch Chunk.

4.  Not far from spot # 3 you can find the forth selfie spot, just look for "wheels" in motion and the "water on the wall".

5.  You gotta be a real "jerk" if you can't find this spot, and I'm not "toying" around.

6.  Any "bookworm" will be able to find this spot

7.  You can find #7 next to a grand mansion with bejeweled stained glass windows!

8.  This Victorian venue really steals the show!!

9.  This location at one time put out fires, now it serves hot meals and cool drinks.

10.  Get with the "Times" and take a walk down Historic Race Street.